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Sensory Room

Our sensory room at Penrose Court has been purpose-built to engage all the senses of our residents, especially those who are living with Dementia, Cerebral Palsy or Visual, Sensory or Hearing Impairments. We have calming light projectors, a variety of different textures and comfortable seating for our residents to enjoy. Our sensory room aims to improve the communication, focus and overall well-being of our residents.

Importance of a Sensory Room

A Sensory Room offers numerous benefits, particularly for those who experience sensory declines such as age-related hearing or sight loss, a decreased sense of touch or presbyopia which limits their sensory stimulation.

We believe that a sensory room is also crucial to improving resident well-being, especially for individuals experiencing a gradual loss of mobility. Our Sensory Room is tastefully designed to stimulate and engage the most impaired senses, providing activities free from cognitive demands. This environment helps residents feel relaxed, entertained, and safe.

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A Variety of All-Inclusive Activities

At Penrose Court Care Home, we strive to provide residents with stimulating activities around the clock through our varied activities programme. No matter what your care needs are, our activities coordinators create a calendar with activities anybody can partake in. Our residents are at the heart of everything we do, and we are always looking to improve the care we offer so take on any preferences regarding our activities program or sensory room.

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What You Can Expect From Penrose Court

Penrose Court offers a variety of amenities for our residents to discover and enjoy, including our luxury sensory room We look after our resident’s overall wellbeing which is why we ensure that around-the-clock care and first-class facilities are always available to each and every one of our residents.

Sensory Lighting

Comfortable Seating

Different Textured Objects

Stimulate the Mind

Sensory Room FAQs

A sensory room is a specially designed room that combines several sensory elements to help older people with developmental or learning disabilities, sensory impairments, or dementia in stimulating and engaging their senses. It serves as a versatile environment suitable for therapy, physical activity, and relaxation.

Examples of activities that can be provided to support residents with dementia include finger painting, hand massages, animal therapy, folding towels listening to music and much more. These activities aim to improve the mental and emotional well-being of residents living with dementia.

No two sensory rooms in a care home are identical, each is specifically created to meet multiple residents’ needs. The purpose of a sensory room is to offer a safe and relaxing environment to improve the quality of life of residents with certain health conditions. In a sensory room, you will often see different seating options, coloured lighting, a projector, soft furnishings and tactile objects.

How We Care For You

We are proud to provide a variety of care services at our care home in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. We believe that every resident should be given the opportunity to receive high-quality care as well as continue hobbies, pursue interests, and meet new people.

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