Nursing Care

Our highly-trained and dedicated nursing team provides 24 hour nursing care for our residents with physical disabilities and high dependency needs, as well as end of life care. 

Our highly qualified team is excellent at recognising when nursing care is the right option for you or your loved ones. They have the education and experience to quickly identify any changes in the health of residents, as well as knowing when it’s necessary to involve a doctor.

What does Nursing Care mean?

Nursing care is for individuals who require 24 hour assistance with medical needs as well as personal living needs. This type of care is most appropriate for those who need intensive rehabilitative care, individuals with physical disabilities and for people who have long-term issues with their health.

Residents in Penrose Court have access to all the support with personal needs offered in a residential care home, but also have access to qualified, in house nursing staff throughout the day and night, making us the ideal home for individuals with a medical condition that requires regular attention.

Our Approach to Nursing Care

We offer 24 hour bespoke nursing care plans, delivered by our highly trained nursing team, ensuring they are equipped with the latest industry insights and technology.  We look to foster independence for as long as possible, while maintaining the dignity of our residents. Our approach to nursing care is about more than simply meeting the care needs of our residents; instead, we look after their overall well-being to ensure that their health, hearts, and minds are equally cared for.

What can I expect from Nursing Care at Penrose Court?

Our compassionate and skilled team are available day or night to give as much or as little support as our residents require. Each and every resident at Penrose Court is valued for their uniqueness and we look to encourage as active a social life as possible. Our person-centred approach sees care plans personalised to residents individual needs and ensures that the best care for them is delivered. Our staff are fully committed and go above and beyond to guarantee that our residents are receiving the best possible care for them, at all times. From helping with morning and night time routines, to providing support at mealtimes, we’re always here to assist.

Is Nursing Care the Best Option?

If you or a loved one has a medical condition that requires 24 hour care that cannot be provided at home, then a nursing home may be the ideal place for them. Our expert team is available to discuss all options, so why not call today on 01767 777 000.

How We Care For You

Our residential care services at Penrose Court help to reduce the pressures of everyday tasks as we get older. Often simply alleviating these problems enables residents to flourish – making new friends and exploring new interests. Whatever the reason may be, you can be assured of a warm welcome at Penrose Court.

Included in our Nursing Care

Other activities and additional facilities are also included in the price of your stay at Penrose Each and every resident, for example, will have access to a variety of medical services, including:

Access to a GP

Whether by themselves or with the assistance of a team member, residents will be able to arrange and go to GP appointments.


Physiotherapy treatments, which may be scheduled through a GP or privately, can help to get our residents back to feeling like their usual selves.


Our own private Chiropodist visits us at Penrose Court every 6 weeks, and residents can also make arrangements with their own NHS Chiropodist if more frequent visits are needed.

Dental Service

Residents who seek dental treatment will have full access to a dentist at no additional expense.

Optical Service

Any optical concerns that residents have can be seen to by an optician as part of the living expenses for Penrose Court.

Everyday life at Penrose Court

Set in the market town of Biggleswade, Penrose Court is nestled between the exclusive Kings Reach development and the magnificent countryside, which boasts phenomenal scenery. Penrose Court is built on the philosophy that each individual should have a fulfilled life by enjoying a lifestyle that they deserve, enabled by our caring and supportive environment. You have got your own space behind your bedroom door, but you can have as much or as little company as you like here.

Request a Callback:

If you have any queries or issues, please contact our friendly staff at Penrose Court. Fill out our Enquiry Form, call us on 01767 777 000, or email us at with your questions. We’d be delighted to help in whatever way we can.