Cinema Room

Penrose Court now has a beautiful contemporary cinema room, developed as part of our recent home refurbishment, making leisure time even more enjoyable. The cinema room at Penrose Court is a key aspect of establishing a routine while moving to a new home, since it always tends to bring people closer together.

Our theatre is ideal for watching your all time favourite films with loved ones or catching up with fellow Penrose Court residents to watch a classic film all together. Our residents are urged to use our cinema facility to relax, unwind, and enjoy the show. Not to mention, the whole cinema experience wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a selection of beverages, popcorn, and other goodies.

Our Comfortable Movie Theatre

Our cinema room, despite being a somewhat recent addition to our Penrose Court property, is quickly becoming a resident favourite for both leisure and pleasure. The combination of the comfort of the chairs and the large screen creates the ideal environment for our residents to socialise, enjoy a selection of drinks and snacks, and fully immerse themselves in the cinema experience.

Our film collection is always expanding, and with a different film playing every day, our cinema room has quickly established itself as a major draw at Penrose Court. It also provides a handy and comfortable setting for family and friends to enjoy the ultimate big-screen entertainment experience.

Our Facilities At Penrose Court

We always want to encourage our residents to try new things and participate in a range of activities. We make every effort at Penrose Court to ensure that all of our activities and facilities are as accessible and as fun as possible. Regardless of whether it’s an activity they’ve done for years or something brand new they’d like to try, our residents have the opportunity to do anything they want to, and we’re more than happy to assist.

Let’s Go To The Movies

Our broad selection of films, which includes everything from vintage black-and-white classics to more contemporary movies, will leave our residents spoilt for choice. It’s reasonable to say that no matter what genres our residents prefer, we’ll have something that will spark their curiosity, or take them on a trip down memory lane.

Cinema Room Amenities

Because of the increasing variety of amenities available to our residents, each day at Penrose Court is different. You can rest assured that your family and friends are receiving top-quality care at all times, no matter what. You can benefit from using our cinema room in a variety of ways, including:

Enjoy Films Like You’re Meant To

Going to the movies and catching a ‘flick’ on the big screen is all part of the fun! At Penrose Court, we’d love nothing more than for you to take a seat, relax, and lose yourself in one of your favourite movies shown on our projector screen!

More Titles Than Ever Before

At Penrose Court, we have a vast range of film titles to choose from. Whether you prefer the classics or films with a more contemporary tone, there is something for everyone here. Be sure to give us your suggestions and we will try and accommodate the best we can. 

What’s A Film Without Popcorn?

Penrose Court offers a wide range of treats for our moviegoers, including drinks, popcorn, and a variety of candies and chocolates. A little treat never hurt anyone!

Everyday Life at Penrose Court

At Penrose Court, we make it our number one priority to ensure that all of our residents understand that the things that are important to them are also important to us. We’re able to create a home-from-home feeling, and an environment where our residents feel no pressure to be anything they’re not. We strive to make Penrose Court a space where everyone feels important, appreciated, and ultimately like they’re part of the Penrose family (even if you’re only visiting).

How We Care For You

Our teams at Penrose Court pride themselves on the relationships they form with our residents. Friendship and trust have an enormous part to play in the way our teams care for our residents, and they’ve always been dedicated to providing our residents with the highest standard of care imaginable. It gives us great joy to provide a home where our residents can receive the high-quality, individualised care they need while being encouraged to follow their passions. 

Resident and Staff Enjoying Image on Phone

Arrange a Callback

If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out our Enquiry Form and one of our helpful staff members will contact you. You can also reach out to us on 01767 777 000 or We look forward to hearing from you.