The teams here at Penrose Court are often asked questions about the way we do things, from the way we conduct our daily activities to how our rooms perfectly accommodate our residents, all the way to asking how to make important financial decisions regarding your stay with us. It’s safe to assume that we’ve heard it all, and we’ve been more than happy to answer time and time again. 

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of as many as we can below, and we have endeavored to reply to each one as best we could. We encourage you to have a look through, and if you have any further questions by the time you reach the end of the page, we’d be more than to discuss any queries with you directly.

Care Questions

Yes, Penrose Court has access to plenty of outside medical services such as opticians, dentists, and physiotherapists, so you can rest assured that you or your loved ones are constantly taken care of while staying here with us. We can either organise for these services to visit the home, or for our residents to go and visit them in person.

Our teams receive constant training on a very regular basis, to ensure that all of our residents are getting the 24 hour, around-the-clock care that they need and deserve. From physical medical training to emotional support training, our teams are kept up-to-date when it comes to providing our residents with the best experience Penrose Court can offer.

Our residents family members and friends are welcomed with open arms here at Penrose Court. From the moment they walk in the doors, we want them to feel just as cared for and looked after as the residents themselves. The loved ones of our residents are essential additions to the Penrose Court family, and any support they need is guaranteed to be given by our lovely, friendly teams.

Prior to your arrival, our Home Manager will be delighted to have a full consultation with you to discuss your needs and requirements and tell you everything you need to know about Penrose Court. 

We spend time with each new resident and their family prior to their arrival to ensure that their personalised care plan can be prepared for them. If your care needs vary over time, we have a friendly, caring team who can assist you and customise your care as needed.

Every resident is given a full health assessment before moving into Penrose Court, just to ensure that our residents are truly receiving the best personalised health care for them. After your initial overview, we’ll share our findings with you and offer our recommendations for the degree of care you should receive. We want to be clear, however, that the final decision is and will always be yours.

At Penrose Court, we specialise in Residential and Nursing support, as well as Dementia Care and Respite Care. We are proud to say that every single member of our staff has received exceptional training, and are excited to help our residents with anything they might need, for every single step of the way.

Care during Covid-19 Questions

Penrose Court is unrivalled when it comes to keeping our residents and their loved ones connected. We are more than happy to set up online video calls with your friends and family, allowing you to speak with them face-to-face for as long as you like, thanks to our lightning-fast internet speeds.

Visitors to Penrose Court do not have to wear PPE when coming to see their friends and family members. However, we do recommend that our guests continue to wear facemasks, just to ensure the complete safety of our residents here. The choice is really down to the individual, but Penrose Court would appreciate the cooperation of our visitors during this time.

Now that many of the original COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, so has the limit on how long residents and their visitors can see each other for. Currently, there is no limit as to how long visitors can visit their loved ones for.

Both vaccines are now available to employees and residents as part of the COVID-19 vaccine programme launch. Although it is ultimately up to each individual resident whether or not they receive the vaccine, we strongly encourage all of our residents to do so. Because of our close ties to the local healthcare system, any new residents or employees will virtually immediately acquire the vaccine. Even once the vaccine has been administered, we continue to test our residents and our staff as an added safety precaution.

People who haven’t been vaccinated can, of course, come and visit you while staying at Penrose Court. Getting vaccinated or not is all up to individual preference, and at Penrose Court, we would never want to be the reason for our residents not being able to see their loved ones. However, we would recommend that both our residents and their visitors keep each other’s safety in mind when socialising with one another.

Our top focus at Penrose Court is to support our residents wellbeing, and we take special care to ensure that their health is taken care of properly. Our professionals provide around-the-clock care, along with wonderful and stimulating activities that keep our residents mentally, physically, and emotionally fit. Which is why all of our staff continue to use PPE, vaccinations are still going ahead, and social distancing is still being followed.

Facilities Questions

Penrose Court is set between the prestigious Kings Reach development and the wonderful countryside, which features outstanding scenery, near the market town of Biggleswade. Penrose Court is well located for visiting family and friends, with easy commutes to Cambridgeshire, London, Buckinghamshire, and Suffolk/Norfolk.

At Penrose Court, we believe that everything should be celebrated, no matter how big or how small it might be. Whether you’re planning on painting the town red on your birthday, or there’s a graduation you want to shout about from the rooftops; Penrose Court would be delighted to be able to celebrate with you. We also celebrate a range of religious holidays with our residents.

The menu is changed regularly, often depending on the season. The availability of certain food plays a huge factor in what our menu consists of, and we want to make sure that our residents only get the very best. Our menus are created with you in mind, and if there’s something special you’d like to request, our chef and catering teams are there with open ears, ready to whip something incredible up for you. 

At Penrose Court, we don’t want anything about the way you live your life to change. If your hobbies bring you happiness, then we don’t want you to have to stop just because you’ve happened to relocate. We want you to be able to keep doing what you love, for as long as you want to do it. However, trying something new is always a fun idea, so we’ll also encourage our residents to step outside of their comfort zone every now and then.

Our residents are in fact actively encouraged to get involved with our Activity Coordinators to organise events and activities they want to take part in. From day trips to evening meals out, to quizzes and puzzles, if our residents have an idea as to how to brighten the faces of other residents, then we encourage them to share them with us.

At Penrose Court, we have an excellent on-site chef and catering team, ready to cook up an absolute dream in the kitchen. Our chef and catering team take great pride in providing food for preferences, nutritional and dietary requirements, and creating meals you’re guaranteed to remember. Our team also caters for special occasions like birthdays or other celebrations, so our residents are encouraged to let them know in advance. 

Finance Questions

As of the date of death, all fees related with the Care Agreement will be ended. The charges for accommodation shall be covered for up to ten days following the death, or until the residence is cleaned of all personal things. We understand that this will be a challenging time for loved ones, and of course we will handle any and all proceedings with the utmost respect for you, your friends and your family.

If your circumstances and care plan remain unchanged, the cost of your stay at Penrose Court is unlikely to vary. If your condition changes and your care plan is updated, your overall bill may vary to factor in any additional expenditures.

When you pay your fee, you are paying for your accommodation and your meals. Within your overall fee, you also receive the care you need from our dedicated nurses and teams, as well as visits to dentists and opticians, or any activities you might be taking part in such as day trips or evening meals out. If you would like to get any salon treatments or book a hair appointment, these might cost you a little bit extra.

Yes, a trial term with us here at Penrose Court is entirely possible. Scheduling a trial term to stay with us is a great method to figure out exactly what you want and whether or not you want to remain a Penrose family member permanently. It is also possible to schedule a trial period for a loved one to evaluate if Penrose Court is the right fit for them.

If you’re planning on staying with us on a Residential Care basis, you’re more than welcome to keep your financial independence and make such decisions on your own. However, we also want to help you in the most efficient way possible, so if you’d prefer someone else to handle your money instead of you, please let us know so we can arrange something.

You may be eligible for either Local Authority or NHS funding, depending on your unique circumstances (Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care) (Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care). Before pursuing any prospective funding sources, we strongly advise you to get independent financial guidance.

Rooms & Suites Questions

Only your close family will be alerted in the event of a medical emergency, unless otherwise indicated in your customised plan. Our residents will be treated by our medical professionals and, of course, placed in the best possible hands based on their specific needs. All of our rooms are equipped with modern call systems, ensuring that each of our patients receives the assistance they require from our experienced nurses as soon as possible.

Penrose Court is usually open for visitors to drop by as often as they’d like to. As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, certain homes of ours might have different visitation restrictions. However, due to many COVID-19 restrictions easing, the majority of our homes are beginning to return to a more cautious level of “business as normal”. To find out when the best times are to visit Penrose Court, we recommend calling our team.

Yes, all rooms at Penrose Court have access to television, telephone and WiFi connections. This means that you don’t need to travel to the communal areas of the building to watch your favourite shows, or take your online phone calls in a public place. You can do all of the above from the comfort of your own room.

Every single one of our residents is encouraged to inject some of their own creative flair into their quarters. From personal possessions like photographs and interior decorations to smaller pieces of furniture and keepsakes, there’s plenty of room at Penrose Court to make your room feel like your own home away from home. Usually, it’s the little touches that make the most difference when it comes to relocating and feeling more at home.

All of our rooms at Penrose Court have access to en-suite facilities, as well as wheelchair access in both the main parts of the room, and within the bathroom facilities themselves.

There are 65 rooms at Penrose Court, with each one being single occupancy. Our rooms are available for those over 60 years of age, and every room has great access to the rest of the home and the facilities they have to offer.

Everyday life at Penrose Court

Our caregivers understand the importance of getting to know each of our residents and their families, so that we can deliver the strongest individualised care possible. We’re able to create homes where people feel ready to face the day, and like their opinions and thoughts are valued. We achieve this result by working as a team to ensure our residents are as fulfilled as possible.