Arts & Crafts

At Penrose Court, we are committed to ensuring our residents live a fulfilled and happy life. We are proud to offer a whole host of activities and entertainment that our residents can enjoy, including our arts & crafts sessions. 

Participating in artistic endeavours is known to be both relaxing, and a wonderful way to interact with others. The several benefits arts & crafts have physically and mentally is why we offer a diverse range of crafting activities and encourage our residents to get creative.

The Art of Socialising

During our arts and crafts workshops, our residents get the opportunity to express their feelings in a creative way, as well as laugh and chat with their neighbours in the home. We find that in addition to the social benefits of our sessions, our residents also see improvements to their physical and mental wellbeing, and gain a great sense of self achievement when they complete their masterpiece.

Even those who may not be as creatively-inclined as other residents still have great fun and come away having learned something new, as many of our sessions provide instruction. Our sessions will typically have a theme and objective in mind, for example making flower arrangements or greeting cards. We also like to make sure that our crafting activities are appropriate for people of all ages, meaning you can invite your children and grandchildren to get creative with you.

Our Facilities at Penrose Court

We strive for all of our residents to lead fulfilling lives, which is why we strongly encourage them to engage in a variety of activities, whether it’s something new they’d like to try or on an existing hobby they’d like to continue. All of our programmes at Penrose Court are designed to help our residents reap rewards, whether it be socially, mentally, or physically, and we are delighted to be able to help them do so.

Be Inspired by Creativity

When it comes to our arts and crafts activities, we like to take inspiration from our residents and surroundings here at Penrose Court. From holding craft classes in the lounge areas, to painting on a sunny day in the garden, we enjoy making the most of what we have accessible to us. Resources will always be provided for our residents to carry out the activities, but we can often find natural resources in the garden and other materials in the home which are great to incorporate into our creations.

Arts and Crafts FAQ’s

It is completely normal for prospective clients and their families to have questions about what life is like at Penrose Court. Whether you have questions regarding our care options, our facilities, or anything about our home in general, we’d be more than happy to answer them. In terms of our arts and crafts programme, here are some of our replies to the questions we most commonly get asked.

Yes, any materials or tools you may happen to need to complete your arts and crafts projects will be covered by your overall fee.

You are free to get creative in any way you wish, however our teams have previously held sessions on mosaic making, scrapbooking and sewing.

You are more than welcome to keep any pieces of art that you make. However, if one of the members of staff feels your work is exceptional, they may ask whether you are happy for us to brighten up the home with it and have it on display.

We actively promote the social benefits that our arts and crafts sessions, and when it comes to family and friends joining in, we think the more the merrier!

Everyday life at Penrose Court

We make it a top priority at Penrose Court to ensure that all of our residents understand that what is important to them is equally important to us. We’re able to establish a homely atmosphere in which our residents can feel confident to be themselves. Whether you are residing with us or visiting a loved one, we want everyone at Penrose Court to feel valued, respected and like they’re part of the family.

How We Care For You

At Penrose Court, we take pride in the relationships we build with our residents. Friendship and trust play a big role in how our staff care for our residents, and they’ve always been committed to delivering the best care possible. It brings us great pleasure to be able to create a home where our residents can receive the high-quality, individualised care they require while also being encouraged to pursue their interests.

Arrange a Callback

If you would like to request a callback from one of our friendly staff members at Penrose Court, then please fill out our Enquiry Form. You can also reach us directly by calling us on 01224 810 030, or send an email to